Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Organization System - Organizational Change and Stress Management Term Paper

The Organization System - Organizational Change and Stress Management - Term composition ExampleMany times the change cistrons whitethorn privation the skills, competencies and the ability necessary for the change process. beneath the circumstances, they shift the responsibility for impelance to the characteristics and attri entirelyes of change recipients (Ford, Ford, & DAmeliao, 2008). Change agents could excessively incite confrontation by breaking their agreements both before and during the change process leading to loss of trust. People tend to resist when they experience betrayal or injustice. This can result in negative behaviours such as stealing, raze productivity, lower quality and lack of cooperation. Change agents may flush it to recognize that adjustment to change takes time. This lack of knowledge among the change agents would make them push the employees to change which can lead to frustration and rampart. Change agents may fail to involve certain people that are essential for change (Kee & New sourcer, 2008). Change agents nay fail to legitimize change they may not be able to represent the chances of success of the change process, thereby causing resistance. However, all these factors fall under lack of change management skills and ability. Nevertheless, change agents contribute to resistance through their own shortcomings. Resistance to change can be used as change agent Resistance to change has always been criticized for hindering growth and development of an organization but Ford, Ford and DAmelio (2008) highlight that resistance to change can be used as strengths of change. Fear is a swell source of resistance as people are hesitant to change the established patterns. They believe that new patters have value but unfamiliarity causes resistance. Conversation is an important part of the change process and resistance helps keep the conversation in existence, contend Ford et al. The discussions may be negative and full of complaints b ut it helps keep the subject alive. This in fact is focusing on the issue of change. It helps the change agents to understand the concerns of the recipients and also gives them an opportunity to create translations which could contribute to the expansion of change. Resistance is a form of engagement with change. When high levels of education processing goes on it can lead to scrutiny and counter arguments. These thoughtful discussions represent a probatory win for the change agents as it can provide the change agents with motivated partners for change. When change recipients feel menace by the change as they fear losing something of value in the organization, they may express their concerns. Such concerns come from those who are high in organizational identity and psychological ownership.

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