Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Response paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Response paper - Essay Examples a norm against the get down class how heterosexuality is the norm against which homosexuality is judged and even how the white people establish the norm against which the gloss skinned groups are judged (Lehman & Luhr, 2003).Mass media is able to promote new definitions of who people are and what they can be. The images of racial minorities and ethnic groups are limited in the media, along with those of women. A large majority of the characters shown on TV and films are males and women are show in stereotype manner or as a continent object of affection for the males. The minorities who are also an audience for films and television represent a small minority on the screen. These individuals also have certain stereotyped characters which they are limited to. Latinos are shown mostly as criminals or passionate lovers, African American men are shown mostly in the roles of athletes, entertainers or criminals whereas the African American women are shown as those being domestic or sexual objects (Anderson & Taylor, 2006).Class stereotypes are also depicted in a similar manner. In some of the moving pictures the women are shown according to their stereotypical roles whereas in others they have intercourse to escape these stereotypes and take on more masculine roles.This paper looks into the issues of race, gender and cultures which are highlighted in theatre director and producer Robert Rodriguezs films. The three films considered for this response paper include Desperado form the Mariachi trilogy, the vampire movie From Dusk till Dawn and lastly the Spy Kids trilogy. The paper analysis how each of these issues are presented in the movies and how they differ from each other.Robert Rodriguez, born in 1968, is one of the best known film directors and producers in Hollywood. He is well known in the movie industry for his creativity and innovation talent. In all of his films Robert Rodriguez mixes material action film making with Ch icano characters, cultures and settings (Benshoff & Griffin, 2004).

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