Thursday, May 9, 2019

Critical thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Critical thinking - Essay ExampleIn our case, the small fry is so young to face such kind of situation where one of his workforce is injured and he has to go for radiographic tests. The radiographer needs to make the child feel relaxed and stress-free in order to do radiography. around of the non vocal ways which radiographer ignore use to provide comfort o the child include place a hand on the back of the child while explaining him the procedure of tests, giving smiles to the child, using hands in order to explain the procedure more effectively, and maintaining eye contact during communication. Use of kinesics and paralanguage can be very helpful for the radiographer to make the child feel comfortable with the procedure.Sending of nonverbal signals plays a very expressive, meaningful, and effective role in communication (Ehrlich & Daly, 2008). Therefore, use of nonverbal communication along with verbal communication can be very effective for the radiographer to make Adam feel c omfortable and repair for the test.There can be a number of urgent situations, which may require a sophisticate or a medical professional rapidly retrieve information from the patients chart. A Patient Chart is opened using the Patient Selection process, or by selecting a patients rear from the Calendar or the Patient Tracker (Anonymous, n.d.). Doctors need to provide proper treatment to the patients based on holy analysis of the medical history of the patients. Without sufficient information or proper analysis of information, a debase cannot provide required treatment to a patient (Ehrlich & Daly, 2008).In these urgent situations, a doctor really needs to retrieve information from the patients chart as soon as contingent in order to avoid the occurrence of any kind of risk to the health of the

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