Monday, May 27, 2019

A Fireside Chat Essay

It was good work, the kind of work that let you sleep soundly at night and, when you awoke, look forward to the day, Jeanette W totallys quoted. According to Wikipedia, work morality is defined as a value based on hard work and diligence. In the text, A Fireside Chat, Sir Lynden Pindling speaks about slimy work ethics and how it must be changed to build The Bahamas. Some civil servants are discouraged because of victimization, others have no hope for the future and some confide that since their government is in power they no longer have to work hard.The Bahamas is a democratic country therefore everyone should have a freedom of speech and freedom to right to vote for the government of their choice. Sir Lynden Pindling agreeresses that a factory has been closed down, vegetable crates have been denied to small farmers and workers have been laid off work because of political reasons. These unfair actions cause workers to be discouraged, whether they were the ones directly affected or non. Also, victimization causes other workers to feel the need to non work hard.Put yourself in their shoes, if other people who dont support the people who dont support the PLP government are being fired and because you voted for them your job is secure wouldnt you feel comfortable and inert off as well? I know I would. Employers who victimize employees not only show poor work ethic to their workers but alike the public. If you fire people because they have different views you are making it hard on your blood line. This can cause slower services because of lack of workers and eventually add to the decline of customers.Sir Lynden Pindling also states that no government would function well or long without an efficient civil service. Why put your country, let alone your business at jeopardy of failing? Not only adults have poor work ethics, so do adolescents. Some children feel discouraged because of the area they pass in or their financial situations and provide mediocre se rvices as well. For example, some packing boys never have a smile on their impudence and when loading your bags to the car they handle them with no care whatsoever.Attitudes like this can cause them to receive little or no tips from customers. No matter how mountainous or small your job is, it is vital. In paragraph eight of the text, Sir Lynden Pindling encourages the children to never give up on their dreams because nothing is impossible. He even gives examples of children in poor communities, little Mary of Toote Shop Corner and little John of Meadow Street, that education is the key and dreams can become reality. Somecivil servants believe that since their government is in power they have arrived and are free to slack off on their jobs. Have you ever wondered why the waitress serving you seemed as though she had a frown painted on her face and it seemed like she did not want to be at work that day? This is because workers do not value their jobs or even the customers. Some wor kers even treat the local Bahamians poorly, but treat the tourist very well. This may be because of the tourists skin alter or accent, so the waitresses assume these customers will tip better.Local Bahamians are treated with mediocrity because the waitresses assume they will tip poorly or not tip at all. Aside from having bad attitudes on the job, some workers do not act professionally. For example, last week Thursday I went to The Bowling highroad with a few friends and during our game of bowling the waitress came to take our order. Her conduct was very poor she flirted with my friends and gave attitude towards me with made me not enjoy my experience the charge I wanted to.I feel as though when you are on the job your conduct should be very professional and you should speak to the customers officially and not informally. Therefore, many Bahamians have poor work ethics and this should be fixed immediately. In order for this country to grow progressively we must all work together to strengthen each other instead of victimizing people. We must also learn to believe in ourselves and work professionally when on the job.

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