Thursday, May 16, 2019

Apple-Merging Technology, Business and Entertainment Essay

1. Explain how orchard apple tree achieved business success through the use of a. nurtureI think, the chief point is marketplace selective learning. In 2000, Steve Jobs found the reality in society that millions of wad were using computers and burners to view as audio CDs and to download digital songs from illegal online services like Napster. And because, Jobs was worried that he was looking in the wrong direction and he had missed the Mp3 bandwagon. b.information technologyFirstly, after Jobs found the market information frontly, he bought the SoundStep from Jeff Robbin, moreover, Robbin and a couple of other programmers began writing code from scratch and developed the first version of ITunes. Secondly, Jobs make iTunes portable.Thirdly, after the ipod was born, Jobs noticed the last key element was missing, online store for buying downloadable songs, and then he achieve it. c.people persons sensitivity, expert and possible action, for example No.1 is Steve Jobs, the mark et information founder, he is a sensitivity man. No.2 are Steve Jobs and other programmers, they are all expert in information technology. No.3 is Join Lin, an initiative man.2.Describe the types of information employees at an Apple store might require. The consumers want , the competitors technology and the personal income . 3.Describe the types of information the executives at Apples corporate headquarters require. Market information, current trends, products good and companys capitalization. 4.How are the two groups above going to harbour the informationi.e. what types of systems, IT comp unitarynts, software, etc are wishinged. I think, the employees can obtain information from what the consumer or colleagues say, the local area network in the company and the system of companys information delivery. They need computer, the software of companys information delivery and others necessary IT components. The executive at corporate headquarters can obtain information from the vario us information platform, for example, financial system, market early warning system and ERP etc. They need computer and correlative software.5.When you think of the Apple brand, what images come to mind? There is no doubt, up to date, Apple is success, in the diversification market, Apple found his own product different from others, and then Apple go forward innovating and combining, achieved great success. 6.What kind of Business Culture do you believe exists at Apple? The first one is innovating and creating spirit the second is combining, I believe. 7.Use your Crystal Ball, to predict what new innovative ideas you believe volition come from Apple in the hereafter. It is possible that Apple will make more products in the digital information system, they do not only create music software, but also they can make videotex product, because videotext product is the new trends in current society. 8.From an investment perspective, what do you think of Apples in store(predicate)? If A pple continue innovating and creating base on the new trends, I think of Apples future is better, maybe Apple will become the biggest software cooperation just as Microsoft and IBM in the world.

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