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Leisure studies in Canada.

The city of saint Luc City is a splendiferous city that has a muss of leisure opportunities such as parks, libraries, and Samuel Moskovitch existledge domain. The city is very kind as it has s salutary constructed roads and paths that link each and every part of the city. There has been paths that present been constructed of late for employment the four Heart paths that was officially opened on 30th September 2007. These paths atomic number 18 meant to make Pierre Elliot Tradeau park accessible. (Heart in communicate base on balls Paths, Cote Saint Luc City)These walking paths ane which is a kilometer long, a nonher of 3km, 5km, and the last matchless is of 8km. The heart in motion paths was extended from the city pavement by the Quebec stroke foundation. All these paths are clearly marked with distinct blue and yellow color in. These are supported with motion signs after a crossbreed of each one and a half kilometer so as to keep tourists who visit this city in the ri ght track. All these city paths starting time from the Pierre Elliot Tradeau Park on the southern corner.The construction of the four walking paths had some health benefits to the residents and visitors who come to this city. The paths allow those who command to do walking come a classic opportunity for doing so. This is according to the whitethornor of this city Anthony housefather. Construction of walking paths has been done in other places corresponding Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and German and as hence it is not without precedence. It is something that is feasible as it has been tested and gived that city paths like those in Cote Saint Luc city help in keeping the city dwellers physically fit.Within the city there is a place that race lav visit to enjoy themselves and one of these places is the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park, which is located at Mackle road and next to the Samuel Moskovitch arena. It is hardened at the northern side of the city. The park is just bea utiful and you weednot afford not to visit it. Inside there is a base ball field, balmy ban field there is and there is as well as an artificial lake called Contennial Lake where you can enjoy pedal boat rides at a small fee in summertime. There is a picnic area that is very beautiful in winter especially when its covered with ice. The parks scene is extremely beautiful with a green covered landscape. (Samuel Moskovitch Arena, 6985 Mackle Road.)The fees that are charged in this park are pocket friendly in fact the cost cannot exceed $25.00 U.S dollars. For example you can access the Baseball diamond with just now one dollar, the second baseball diamond with 2 U.S dollars the third one with 3 U.S dollars. There is also a hotel where you can rent a room. These two rooms are equipped with a mini fridge and microwave. (Lesson 6)Also in the city of Cote saint-Luc, there is an arena called Samuel Moskovitch that is located at the Mackle road. This arena is a home to the ice surface th at is utilise by the minor Hockey group, the skating club, hockey schools and adult as well as the youth leagues. Within the arena there is a studio room and a conference room which are good for esoteric rentals. The two rooms are well equipped with basic set up as well as clean up. They also pack chairs and turn off making them ideal for holding conferences.The studio room is equipped with a freezer and not forgetting that there is also enough parking area that can accommodate over two hundred vehicles. For those who might be interested in renting these places its good to know their exact measurements to avoid disappointments. The grouch Rink is 200feet in length and 85 feet entire, the studio is (36.5 x 25) feet that can accommodate 85 deal when arranged in banquet style and temporary hookup arranged in theater style it can hold one hundred and s heretofore people. The conference room is 25 feet long and 12 feet wide and can hold twelve people while standing.All these roo ms are rented for only two hours and any time on top of that is charged separately. The conference, studio and the studio room for partners are charged 50, 100 and 150 U.S dollars respectively. The ice is suitable for those who are holding birthday parties and has two dressing units. Those people who want to rent both the ice and the studio room are charged according to the set charges.The city has also a public library where you can go to read books, novels, magazines and newspapers. The library is well equipped thus making it ideal for conducting researches. This library is called Eleanor London public library. It offers some games like the classic carte du jour game. The library crew consists of skilled people who guide people on how to fully utilize the library materials. The library offers a scavenger hunt work out where the winner merits some prizes. This library is also equipped with audio visual devices for storing information for example there is a number of musical as we ll as artistic works from the Baroque clock that are free to all.Though the government has made sure that there are enough recreational places in Canada for all, there might be some barriers that may limit or prevent one from enjoying these sites. If you have some physical disabilities or limitations you might not enjoy these recreational facilities to the fullest. For example if you are crippled then you cannot be able to maneuver through the region. The park has three-baseball field which cannot be of any importance to the physically challenged people especially those who do not have legs and hands. But still arrangements can be made for them to be taken there to depressurise and enjoy the cool environment. For those who cannot access the park because they cannot walk, alternative means can be used such as airlifting these people to the designated places that are of importance to them. T they can also be driven to these places using vehicles but with a risk of not physically ex ercising their bodies.Taking a leisure walk helps one to improve the circulation of blood and thus making your heart strong. There are also pedal boats that are found in TheTradeau Park but people who have leg problems cannot be able to use pedals so they cant enjoy the boat rides. (Pierre Elliot Trudeau Park). The governments of Canada in easing the burden of those who are physically impaired under a tourist and leisure companion sticker are allowed to access to all recreational places for free. If you are visually impaired you cannot have an access all the information that you might need. Some information is stored in magazines, books and journals and it is obvious they cannot be of any use to a ruse person. (Lesson 5)In Canada this problem is well taken care of by the library management who has diversified information storage devices. Some library materials are audio visual. This means a blind person can have access to the needed information by listening. A blind person can also have some difficulties in accessing the recreation places as they are marked with colors and motion signs that guide the walkers but they are of no use to a blind person.Anybody who is knew to a accompaniment place finds it hard to access the recreational places. This person must be guided on how to access them. Proper maps should be provided to these people assuming they know how to read maps. For these maps to be of beneficial to the map readers, then labeling of the features on the ground should be well labeled to avoid confusion. This is something that the government has taken care of it has provided people who need to visit these places with posters and other signs to guide them. For example in the Cole Saint Luc City the paths are clearly marked with yellow and blue colors after every 500 meters, to keep the walkers on the right track.The government of Canada also uses the motion signs on the paths to guide those seeing these recreational places for this reason even people w ho are new to Canada can access these places without facing difficulties in locating them. It should not be forgotten that these can be of help to only those that are literate and who have no visual impairments. Sign language solves the language difficulty. Where people cannot communicate in one language then signs prove to be useful. But still you may not be able to enjoy these places as you should. If you do not speak the same language you may be limited to access places and information that you need.Lack of enough financial resources also limits people from enjoying their leisure to the maximum as not all these places are accessible for free. To access some of these you must part with some money. Lastly you may fail to have an excellent leisure time if you are not used to the climate of that particular region. For example, in the Trudeau Park pedal boats that are only available in summers and ice during the winter so if you go during other times apart from summer and winter respe ctively then you cannot enjoy your leisure time. Therefore climate can also be a limitation.In short, Canada offers people with one of the best recreational places in the world. The Cote Saint Luc City is a home to these places for example there is a public library, Samuel Moskovitch Arena, walking paths and Trudeau Park where some are freely accessible for free or at a fee. There are some barriers that may prevent one from enjoying these leisure places. These are factors like culture, language, physical disabilities and unfamiliar ness with a new place.Reference6985 Mackle Road. Samuel Moskovitch Arena.Lesson 6 Commercial Recreation, Economics of recreation.Lesson 5 Travel and Tourism study materials.Pierre Elliot Trudeau Park, 6975 Macle road.Heart in Motion Walking Paths, Cote Saint Luc City.

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