Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Collaborative Research Discussion Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Collaborative Discussion - Research Paper Example digest topic 1 Creating a system Article 1 Hiring for the organization, not the job The term by Bowen, Ledford, and Nathan discusses a new hiring model that focuses on organizational fit and not on job fit. It explains the have-to doe with process in the new hiring model and its activity in an organization, and projects a wide future application of the model. The article identifies concepts of workforce planning as a best practice to mankind preference circumspection because the established hiring strategy employs analytical approaches that identifies organizational needs and develops an outline for finding a suitable employee. Consequently, it facilitates arrest of an organizations context and a plan for effective creation of an effective human resource base (Bowen, Ledford and Nathan 37- 40 Harris 15). Focus topic 2 Maintaining a system Article 2 How to film supervisors to sell safety The article discusses approaches to empo wering supervisors to ensure effective application of safety measures. Its scope promotes employees safety in their working environment and therefore contributes to maintenance of an effective and efficient human resource base (Johnson 1). ... The article therefore establishes a basis for enforcing organizational safety measures through employees adherence to safety standards and helps in maintaining a regular workforce (Johnson 1 Harris 19). Article 3 Reward and compensation systems The article identifies approaches to support and compensation, constructs of the reward and compensation approaches and effects of the strategies. Based on strategic compensation theory, the article identifies personal efforts, group initiatives, human capital, a persons level in an organizational structure, and market trends as some of the astray applied approaches to compensation and reward that motivates employees (Howard and Dougherty 43). The articles features that relates to maintenance of human resource system be the bases of each reward strategy and the effects that the strategies have on employees. Established attachment between a reward and aspects of human resource such as efforts, unity, and employees value, for example, identifies a relationship between rewards and reward systems and sustaining achieved employee characteristics. set up of the strategies that encourages features of a human resource system also ensures that a developed system maintains its output level, corporation, skills and flexibility, (43) and disc minimal mobility rate (Howard and Dougherty 41- 49). Focus topic 3 Improving a system Article 4 Designing management and instruction for competitive advantage Lessons from the best The article reviews effects of employee training and development on improving and sustaining organizations ability to compete in their markets. Its application of benchmark organizations identifies success in training and development initiatives and therefore promotes t he practices

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