Monday, May 6, 2019

Organisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organisation - Essay ExampleIntroduction Securing the effectiveness of organisational strategies is one of the roughly critical ch whollyenges for managers in modern businesses. On the other hand, the elimination of threats in a firms environment is not feasible. This means that failures poopnot be avoided but they should be rather used as indicators of organisational weaknesses that need to be addressed without delay. In practice, it has been proved that the effective management of knowledge within organizations can result to the limitation of failures, either in the short or the long term. The literature published in regard to this subject shows that the establishment of appropriately customized knowledge management systems can help organizations to control from each one(prenominal) aspects of their activities so that organizational goals are achieved. The practical implications of such project are explained in this paper by referring to Speedo Ltd, a firm operating in the Brit ish automotive industry. Since its establishment, in 1997, the organization had to face a series of critical operational problems. Through the years it was made clear that these problems were related to the firms inability to manage knowledge. ... the firms existing knowledge management strategy could secure organizational growth, even if the benefits of the relevant project could appear with delay. It should be noted that the knowledge management strategy proposed for Speedo Ltd could be also used, with minor changes, in firms in other industries that face similar problems. 2. Speedo Ltd Company Overview 2.1 Structure The interrogation office of the organization is in South London. The firms branches crosswise UK are estimated to 12, covering all regions of the country. All key decisions are developed in the head office where the strategic planning whole of the organization is located. Managers in branches have the power to make suggestions in regard to a series of operational i ssues but their potential to influence the firms critical projects is rather limited. The central database of the business has been apply in the head office, where all critical organizational segments, such as the HR department, the PR department and the financial department of the business are based. Employees working in branches do not have all-inclusive access to the databases data the firms IT network has been arranged in such musical mode so that the information provided to the user/ employee is filtered as of its necessity for the task assigned to the particular user. This means that each employee/ user is authorized to access specific parts of the firms central database. This practice has helped to bring low failures in regard to the safety of the firms data. 2.2 Purpose and culture The firm focuses on the sales agreement of news and used cars of different characteristics. The firms founder, John Peterson, has tried to promote communication and cooperation across the or ganization. The phrase Trust and speed in communication

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