Monday, May 13, 2019

International Marketing Class Reflection Paper Essay

internationalistic Marketing Class expression Paper - Essay ExampleThis course allows the students to attain insight into the diverse cultural patterns, the habits and values of different nations and societies. Probably this is one of the best courses that I have taken so far. By delving into the culture, history, religion, geography and the dominate law of a nation, it is possible to relate food habits to global business and global marketing.The grading system adopted by my instructor has also enriched me. First and foremost, the instructor conveys that one must be meticulous with facts and figures no assumptions and no estimations This implies one must learn to be accurate with information. I have a gr eat on deal used the, which the instructor has changed to this (page 1) which teaches one to be specific. No general statements, says the instructor when I comment that Singaporeans eat oftenor food preferences of different ethnic groups.Not only with information, the instru ctor, also insists on idol in the use of language and grammar. In formal essays and papers, the use of informal language like gave the rice dishes the thumbs-up is not permitted. I have also made mistakes in the use of tenses.Thirdly, since this is a paper for International marketing, and the purpose is to understand the international culture and traditions that affect the marketing process, the instructor is teaching us to put into finer details about the traditions and culture. For instance, on page two, I have just mentioned that the dough is kneaded in the traditional Singaporean way. This is incomplete and the instructor wants us to explain what that traditional way is. Again, interpretation is demanded of why three sides are required Once again, go deep into details, says the instructor The whole composition is to develop the market on logical reasoning. Even when I have the details, I am ineffective to express it the right way.I have demonstrated that I can go into detai ls, when I mention about the

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