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The Emerald Forest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Emerald Forest - look for ExampleThis cleaning of forests angered the tribes living in the forests kn admit as the Invisible people and The maddened People (The Emerald Forest). The story gets its real essence when one-day Markhem takes his family for a tour of the forest and his son Tommy gets abducted by the Invisible people (The Emerald Forest). The invisible people are environmental friendly people, who are actually close to nature considering it as their friend and living happily in their forest in their own community unless Markhem comes to destroy their peace and take away their home (The Emerald Forest). They kidnap his son because they put up that Westerners or termites as they call them are the destroyers of the world, but the child is innocent and so should non stand up with these murderers. Tommy is adopted by the chief of the tribe Wanadi who loves and brings him up as his son. Markhem searches a lot for Tommy but does not find him until after ten years when To mmy rescues him while fleeing for his life from the Fierce People (The Emerald Forest). Markhem asks Tommy to give way to him and his world but Tommy refuses and says that now his world is this forest and his people are his tribe. Markhem redden asks their chief Wanadi, who is the spot of the Invisible People to convince Tommy to return but Wanadi says that If I tell a man to do what he does not want to do, I may no coherenter be the chief. Meaning that even being the authority there he has no right to force people to do something they acceptt want to do.... The chief does not give any command or order to his people, not even his son to practise, rather he understands that it is the basic right of every human being to follow his will and wish (Proyect). However in the modern western world, lives of humans are ruled by orders and commandments given some meters by their parents, sometimes by teachers, later by their employees, and overall by the governments, policemen etc (Proye ct). It was not just that there was a wide gap between the authority structures of these two societies but their good life style, culture, norms, traditions etc all were opposite. The people of the traditional societies still use artillery, spears and arrows to fight and they walk to cover long distances (The Emerald Forest). The use of technology is very limited or almost nonexistent in their lives as they are immediate to nature and lives together. In contrast to them, modern western society uses technology to a large extent (The Emerald Forest). There are modern methods of fighting like machine guns and bombs, aero planes, railways cars etc to buy the farm to far away distances in just hours, large machines are used for construction and to cut stumble forests. This advancement in technology has both its benefits and costs (The Emerald Forest). With technology comes the easiness to do things and time gets saved in travelling. As Wanadi says to Markhem When I was a boy, the edg es of the world was very far away, but it comes closer each year. However with benefits comes the cost too. As more vehicles are produced, so have the pollution from air, filth and water increased as well (The Emerald Forest). This pollution is destroying our respiratory system by breathing out inside us

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