Friday, April 19, 2019

Clifford thinks Pascal and James are wrong Essay

Clifford thinks protoactinium and James argon wrong - Essay ExampleThis needs explanations if we believe in theology and God exists, we remain vindicated if we believe in God and God does non exists, we still remain innocent if we do non believe in God and God does not exist, we cant be sure that we remain innocent as we cant know for sure if God exists if we do not believe in God and God exists, we are guilty. Thus, it is better to believe in God, than not to believe and therefore, according to Blaise Pascal, everybody should believe in God.The William James has a similar point of view. He as well states that we should believe in God and waiting for conclusion is not right for humans. Waiting for any evidence to decide if to believe or not whitethorn lead us to much losses. According to the philosopher, if a man hesitates to propose to a woman waiting for evidence that she is his ideal, he risks to lose her as she may accept the proposition of someone else. The same is with r eligion and spirit. James states that those people who believe may savour the life of religious people and those who do not may lose this chance.Blaize Pascal and William James are sure that people should believe in God. William Clifford cant agree with them. It does not mean that this philosopher states that we should not believe in God, but he call us to involve some doubt and states that it is needful as it is our duty. He provides an example to explain why a move-owner had an old ship. He knew that it was old and he also knew that some people were going to have a voyage on its board. He did not have any time or facilities to repair his ship and he preferred to pin his hopes on Providence that would not have allowed people to die. As a result these people died as the ship was broken. This testifies that blind belief in Providence may lead to disaster. If a man, holding a belief which he was taught in childhood or persuaded of afterwards, keeps down and pushes away any

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