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Albert Camus Essay Example for Free

Albert Camus EssayThis is the input on the book The Outsider written by Albert Camus. I decided to set up my gossip writing about characters, theme, style, time place and symbolism. The Outsider is a story about a sm all told-arm called Monsieur Meursault, who lives his sprightliness sentence in total simplicity and simple enjoyment, but whom society tear wastetually roots out, humiliates and crushes. He lives for the truth. The novel is divided into two parts. In part one his m different dies and he has to go to the funeral. He does not about his mother, so he does not mourn his mother at all.Next mean solar day he meets a woman called Marie, with whom he used to work with and they start dating. Meursault invites her out, they go to the cinema and after state of ward they sleep to produceher. Later Meursault helps his neighbour Raymond to write a letter to his girlfri quit, which leads to the culmination of the book. Raymond and Meursault are now friends and they go t o a party where they meet Raymonds girlfriends brother and the Arab, a fight breaks out and the brother attacks Raymond. Meursault goes back to the strand and kills the Arab. Part two is about his trial for murder.The prosecutor is very cruel and Meursault is to be guillotined. At the end he argues with prison chaplain about God and religion. Finally, Meursault finds peace and he thinks perhaps after death his humanity may be less absurd he may be more closely line up with the reality. He accepts his destiny with clear understanding. In the book Outsider there are three study characters and three minor characters I am going to write about. Characters in Camus novels and plays are keenly alert of the meaninglessness of the human condition, assert their humanity by rebelling against their circumstances.Monsieur Meursault is the central character in the novel. He is cold and a careless person society go acrosss him as an outsider or even a monster. even so though he is honest and as a character he is both disturbing and fascinating. He altogether seems to care for the most fleeting of sensations and gives no thought to future consequences, for exercise killing the Arab. For him the events that are important for most people do not mean anything, like the fact that his mother is dead, that Marie loves him and wants to get married. He simply does not care about that.Meursault is amoral he stopnot make difference between goodish and bad. Raymond asked him to write the letter for his girlfriend, which Meursault does without realising the consequences. Meursaults indifference seems to apply solely to his understanding of himself. At the end of the novel he realizes that the universe is like him, totally different to human life and that peoples life do not hand any meaning or importance, so at the end he is completed as a character. Raymond Sintes is a friend and a neighbour of Meursault.Raymond is a bit like Meursault, he is lonely, he keeps external fr om other people and he is a cold person. Raymond definitely dislikes women. If Meursault is just different and annoyed with himself, then Raymond on the other hand is a cruel and a violent person, and he knows how to use other people, as he uses Meursault. For example, he has problems with his ex-girlfriend, he beats and abuses her. He says to Meursault that he needs to punish her, which rattling leads to conflict with the Arab. Raymond initiates action. Although he only seems to use Meursault, he actually testifies for him and feels a bit responsible.Marie Cardona is the girl who loves Meursault and he likes her as well, but he does not love her. Marie seems to be good-hearted, she accepts everything that Meursault does, including his behaviour and careless. Marie is cheerful, honest and stanch to Meursault. Marie loves Meursault a lot and wants to marry him she says that she probably loves him because he is so peculiar. Marie also delights in physical contact they do not kiss i n public places. Maries physical affection for Meursault signals a deeper sentimental and activated attachment.Marie acts in a strange way, because Meursault does not care about her at all, but Marie just forgets that and loves him still, and she stays loyal to him even when he is in the prison, she goes to see him. Probably, she enjoys the freedom, because Meursault does not take any interest in her life when they are not together. Marie never grasps the indifference of the universe and she never comes to understand the redemptive value of abandoning hope. Salamano is Meursaults neighbour. An former(a) man living with his dog (spaniel). He seems to be a very lonely and depressive person and he is filled with anger that he expresses by beating his dog.Meursault does not know him very well, but he always hears Salamano fighting with his dog. Once Meursault hears him crying and he goes to see what has happened, Salamano tells him that his dog is missing and he is actually upset. Fr om that, you can see that even if he was beating his dog, he actually loved it very a good deal and the spaniel was the only friend he ever had. Salamano testifies for Meursault in the trial. The Arab is the friend of Raymonds ex-girlfriends brother and he actually plays only a small role in the novel, which is important.You can see that The Arab is a person who wants revenge and he and Raymonds ex-girlfriends brother are the ones who follow Meursault and Raymond to the beach and start the fight. Meursault is quite cruel to him, after he fall down, Meursault shoots him four times. Maman is not a living character, but is still important. Meursault has a very cold family with her he sent her a home, where she lived out her remaining days. The fact that she is dead, and how Meursault acted in the funeral causes much trouble for him even later. His mother sets in motion societys negative image of his personality.The novel Outsider was established in forties after the Second World Wa r in France. There is very big effect of the war on peoples religious beliefs. The meaninglessness of human life is one of the major components of Camus absurdist philosophy. He finds that human life has no redeeming purpose and the only thing that makes sense is death. In the novel you can see that Meursault finds his peace at the end. He understands that it does not matter whether he dies by execution or convention death. Meursault realizes that he is so different from the universe and the universe is indifferent to him.Like everyone else on this earth, Meursault was born, he allow for die, and he will not have any further importance to the universe. The importance of the physical world. Meursault is more interested in the physical aspects of the world around him rather than in its social or emotional aspects. In the Outsider, Meursaults attention centres on his own body, physical contact with Marie, on the weather and on the nature. For example at his mothers funeral the heat c auses much more trouble to him, than the fact that his mother is dead. He also suffers on the beach, because of the sun. Which represents the obsessive effect of society.The story is written in the first person, in the kind of spare, economic style. The flat, electroneutral style is perfectly matched to the subject matter. Sentences to not follow upon each other in a ratiocinative train, they succeed each other, almost without apparent connection. Camus tries to avoid causal conjunctions, but the ones Meursault uses are and and then, word which do not show motivation. At the end of the book, the language changes a bit. From being very passive it short becomes an obsessive and legal language. The last two paragraphs are the culminating ones, blissful expression of passionate love of life.The sun is one of the symbols in the novel. The sun is usually associated with positive and good things, like societies generally, however they both can become overpowering. They beat down on peo ple, smothering them just like the sun beats down upon Meursault. The sun is presented whenever the force of society is strong within Meursault. There is sun during the funeral, in the court hall, which claims to experience the right to judge people, and on the beach when he kills the Arab. But there is no sun in the cell, because the overpowering force society has been removed.The crucifix symbolizes Christianity, which stands as antagonism to Camus absurdist worldview. Christianity conceived a rational order for the universe based on gods creation and direction of the world. The chaplains insistence that Meursault turn to god does not represent a wish that he should accept particularly Christian beliefs so much as a relish that he holds the principle of a important universe in general. When Meursault defies the magistrate by rejecting Christianity, he totally discards all systems that seek to define a realistic order within human existence.

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