Saturday, April 6, 2019

Sample random Essay Example for Free

Sample stochastic EssayWas the sample random? How many brands were in the race? Were the brands ranked? These are the unkn testifys based on the advertisement. The claim does not domain what does 1 actually means. In comparison to what price, size, or pleasant smell. Some numbers can be valid, but used in different ways such as the mean, median, mode and midrange. This is not the type for this ad because we do not have the selective information to either validate or disclaim this ad. This ad is misleading and lends its self to consumers impulse buying.The consumer must be aware of such claims and do their seek before buying products, items or food. 14. How often do you run red lights? This question is a manipulating angiotensin converting enzyme because of how it is asked it is a faulty survey question. It wants to know how often you run red lights and does not ask a yes or no question. The question forces you to select an answer among scripted choices identified by the su rveyor. The answers would be at a time a day, once a week, twice a week, or more(prenominal) than 3 times a week.This is a stroke question, especially if it does not offer an answer of none or never. The data collected can influence the amount of fines for running red lights, installing red light cameras, or have an effect on car insurance rates. This question does not take into account good deal without a driver license or people who take public transportation. It is all in how a question is asked because most surveys do not want a yes or no answer. They cannot perform the needful analysis to get an answer.Some of the answers force people to choose the closest one that fits, but this causes bias and would not define the most accurate results. So the question and answers will steer the results toward what they want. The misuse of statistics should be against the law and the company or manufacturer should be held accountable for their misrepresentation. Also survey questions and answers should be more accurate and not bias. After going over this chapter it proves the saying buyer beware and do your own research. References Bluman, (2011), Mathematics in Our World

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