Monday, April 29, 2019

Sumary and responses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sumary and responses - shew ExampleNevertheless, Amitai asserts that fast food chain jobs create working robots and are highly uneducational. Indeed, he reckons that such(prenominal) duress pay little attention on how teens acquire skills and the significance of such skills. Amitai notes that research derives that teens that fetch as part-time employees McDonalds drop out of high school and are gobbled up in the gentlemans gentleman of low-skill jobs since they were actually not learning beneficial skills at the food chain (Axelrod and Charles 282). He also asserts that such jobs are not suited for college-bound, white, and middle-class youngsters but for the lower class, illiterate, and minority youngsters. McDonalds disadvantage the minority and vortex no career ladders and few marketable skills (Axelrod and Charles 282). The food chains compel teens to work for long hours beyond how they work at school. More so, the supervision at McDonalds seemingly seeks to teach the teens some damage kinds of compliance, which is detrimental to the teens career (Axelrod and Charles 282). ... This makes the teens to value money or part-time jobs more than their education. The teens turn tail to think that all they need to live in the society is to earn money and not to focalise on their studies. He observes that the consumerist aspects of adult life that the fast food chains promote enhance an go out from school and responsibilities (Axelrod and Charles 283). As a result, Amitai recommends that parents have a mandate to ensure that their youngsters seek job opportunities at places with proper work settings that will encourage the development of the students careers. Furthermore, the fast food chains must change their strategy or desist from employing the teens. Additionally, he advocates for an agreement with the teen so that a substantial amount of the teen earnings should be beneficial to their families or for their well-being (Axelrod and Charles 283). Ultimat ely, Amitai Etzioni reckons that the teens should establish a balance between their quest for earnings and the need to develop their careers. Works Cited Axelrod, Rise B, and Charles R. Cooper. The St. Martins Guide to Writing. capital of Massachusetts Bedford/St. Martins, 2010.

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