Sunday, April 14, 2019

Imperialism and 1st World War Essay Example for Free

Imperialism and 1st World War EssayThe portrayal of the artists is indeed a reliable picture of the horrors of World War I which cannot be envisioned by just reading accounts of the state of war as given in different readings. The paintings reveal the disgusting events that will surely put the shivers into the extension of today in realizing the atrocities and soul stirring hardships that were experienced by all those who were part of the war. While the monarchy of the combating countries relaxed and exactly gave orders it were the soldiers representing the states that bore the brunt of the chilling circumstances. Soldiers were silent observers in seeing their colleagues butchered in helplessness era they themselves were lucky to surface back alive into their trenches unaware of what the next day had in store for them. The medical corps and nurses were evermore on the alert to receive the dead and grievously wounded soldiers while those who were captured had to submit to t he inhuman tortures at the hands of their captors.Several soldiers were maimed in leash a life of revulsion, helpless in leading a life of misery. The onslaught of gas attacks made several soldiers to die in agony while many suffered psychologically in being unable to lead normal lives. The fear of gas attacks was so severe that soldiers had to always move with gas masks in specified territories. There was always a black plan underway and it became difficult for the combatants to judge about who friends are and whom to understand as enemies.There was always an ongoing process to build tunnels and infrastructure to face the challenges of enemy attacks in a war that never seemed to end. All who were physically fit could be expected to be called for war duties with little hope of return alive. The war was extensively destructive as nothing was spared and all means were used to inflict the upper limit damages irrespective of the intensity of suffering and leaving to life.Human life appeared to have no nurse nor did the sufferings of the masses for the leaders who gave orders to fight with the sole objective of winning the war. The focus was on winning everyplace the adversaries by whatever means that was possible in using weapons and other means that inflicted maximum loss and suffering. References Discussion, Imperialism and 1st World War, http//dl. bergen. edu/webct/entryPageIns. dowebct

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