Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Sociology Character Analysis of Sex and the City Term Paper

Sociology Character Analysis of Sex and the City - Term Paper Example She is known for her distinct fashion sense particularly in footwear which is conspicuous in season four where she is invited to be a part of a New York fashion show. She stays in an apartment and works on her PowerBook where she writes newspaper articles discussing the different aspects of a relationship. In subsequent seasons of the show, she comes up with a collection of her essays as a book and commences taking assignments from Vogue which is a New York Magazine. The show portrays her as a home-person, proud of her one-bedroom in a rent-disciplined apartment which is in an Upper East Side brownstone. Though she has always been in long-term relationships with her boyfriends, she is entangled with a character called Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth who deciphers a complicated and multi-faceted on an off relationship. Carrie Bradshaw seems like a sexually liberated woman and a glamorous exemplar of modern femininity. She is a wonderful sex columnist who does not need men for any sort of support or stability in life as she has a strong bond with the rest of the pals she lives with. She has encouraged females across the world to have a bold ownership on their femininity. Although, a raunchy dude-like talk is a part of Carrie's accent which is associated with her male player counterparts, she never fails to witness a soft, feminine side of her personality when her heart was broken. Feminism Feminism may be construed in many ways to many people. It refers to the theory of unjustly inequality to men because of the social meaning of their bodies (Faulconer). As a result, feminism can be referred to as the system of thought or a movement which incorporates a variety of views on the nature of women as they believe in a pluralistic vision of the world which equally regards importance to the experiences of women of all races and classes (Richards, 1992). Carrie is a successful woman, and she considers identity on the top as the development of a sense of self is an important aspect if one needs to concept his values, abilities and hopes for the future (Arnett, 2001, p. 370). Being a media person, she has successfully witnessed the tool kits of possibilities for most of the dimensions such as work, love and idiosyncrasies. She, being an independent person, never preferred anybody else to take hold of her life. This is evident from an episode of Season four of the 'Sex and the Ci ty' series, when the girls meet up for lunch in order to catch up and Carrie reveals that she and Aidan have exchanged keys to each other's apartments. When she comes back home she discovers Aidan cooking in her kitchen which was never used before. Furthermore, her computer was crashed and the access of several files was denied. She was chastised by Aidan for not backing up her material. Though, they go to a computer repairing shop so in order to get her system repaired, the

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