Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Evaluation of teaching Essay

In groups students will successfully complete a procedural checklist/guide and then demonstrate the procedure following the checklist meeting the following criteria: Note made of all material needed for the procedure. Procedure for preparing the environment and the patient for the NG tube insertion described and performed satisfactorily. Each step for NG tube insertion outlined and followed, in PRECISE order, and with correct technique. All necessary checks and appropriate precautions required during and at the end of the procedure are made and reasonable justification given for why such precautions were necessary. Detail made of two scenarios that may be presented (e.g. ph above 6) and alternate steps or procedures that should be followed. While the student is demonstrating the procedure the teacher will be observing the demonstration. You have a checklist with the above criteria A-E and you award a mark on a scale of 1 to 5 to say how well the student is meeting each criteria. For example in C does the narrator and the demonstrator follow each step correctly or do they mix the steps up. Do they forget to do something that they are supposed to do like check for any obstructions in the nose and throat? The students are rated for each of the criteria and given a mark out of whatever mark you want to give. This mark does not even have to be written down but you just have it in your head that the persons performed the tasks excellently, good, fairly well or very poorly. You will use both demonstration and the checklist as the basis for your evaluation. If you collected the checklist that the students did then evaluation of this could be done separately. Basically the students should follow the procedure the same way you demonstrated it and based on how well they follow instructions you will know whether or not they understand and can perform the procedure. If you need additionally clarification please send a message to me on the system.

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