Monday, October 7, 2019

Pampers brand analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pampers brand analysis - Assignment Example The company set out methodical figures to discover vital consumer behaviors, public outcries and optimized reward methods through a program titled â€Å"pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards. As a result, the company decided to come up with a new product that could solve the public’s problems. Some of the promises the consumers expected from the new product are discussed below. There were a number of parents who had consistently raised alarms that pampers caused diaper rashes to their newborns. P&G in their new advert promised to improve the situation preventing the chemical burns. Furthermore, the company promised to make the products more available by reducing their prices. After a long period of extensive research, P&G is in the process of availing the new pampers brand to the market (Oswald 41). Pampers, diapers, nappies and other infant care products, face severe marketing tests. The challenge appears exceptional even among other enclosed product makes that thrash about forming healthy relationships with their preferred customers (Thompson 265). Moreover, baby care products have a limited amount of time to involve pregnant and new mothers to create strong relationships with them. Consequently, the delivery of the promises that the customers expect of the product is an incredibly vital process in initiating and developing healthy relations between the corporation and their respective customers. The sales department must understand the market trends, values and other related information about customers (Koenig 69). In addition, it should be particularly keen to identify the contemporary and immediate needs and expectations of the consumers. Afterwards, the company, therefore, is ready to design an advertisement which vividly states the problems and needs identified. The act of conveying brand promises to the customers dictates the customer experience module hence initiates and improves the taste and desire for the brand. The

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