Saturday, October 5, 2019

Nurse Manager and Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

Nurse Manager and Nurse Practitioner - Research Paper Example They are expected to gather information from their colleagues, consulting library materials so as to respond accurately to the specific needs of their patients. On the other hand, the nurse managers are charged with the responsibility of formulation of the Evidence-Based practices through four main steps. The first step is to generate the desire for information in form of a question which can be closely associated with available practices, initiatives or results. The second part is the location as well as the identification of the most accurate evidences available in the surrounding area. The third stage that nurse managers focus on in the formulation process, is to design a new approach to the in the methods to be adopted in the evaluation of its effectiveness. The final step is to foresee the implementation of the practice in order to establish if it is worth carried out as it is. The nurse mangers further act as models of change to be followed by the nurse practitioners. They facilitate the process of implementation through the provision of the necessary resources and moral support that is needed (Melnyk,

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