Sunday, October 20, 2019

Easily Share Your Marketing Calendar With CoSchedules Read-Only View

Easily Share Your Marketing Calendar With s Read-Only View â€Å"Please look, but do not touch.† (the thought racing through your mind every time  you get a request to â€Å"access the calendar†) Your calendar is mission control for your entire  marketing strategy. It’s your baby. And those accidental deletions†¦ Finger flubs†¦ And randomly â€Å"misplaced† content†¦ aren’t simple fixes They’re all-nighter, stomach dropping fiascos. 😠± So, how to do you keep the right people in the know AND still maintain control over your marketing calendar (and what happens to it)? Until today, you had two options: Pay for additional users  who may or may not EVER log in†¦(and live in constant fear that something will get deleted or modified or vanish) OR take hundreds of static screenshots  and manually upload them into an email or presentation(which is ineffective and tedious as hell). Luckily†¦ Starting today, we’ve got a MUCH better solution. Introducing Read-Only View from !  AKA the *new* way to share your calendar (with outsiders) without paying for additional users, taking a bunch of static screenshots, and worrying about unwanted edits! (Plus, every Read-Only View is mobile-friendly and support both phone AND tablet!) With Read-Only View from , you can: Keep higher-ups â€Å"in the know† sans static screenshots (or other weird workarounds). With Read-Only View, you can create custom views of your calendar that are interactive, update in real-time, AND give your team the details they need (nothing more, nothing less). And eliminate unwanted edits to your content! When you share a Read-Only View with someone outside your calendar, they can only look at your contentno edits, finger flubs, accidental deletions, or moving around your carefully planned marketing campaigns allowed.   Whether you need to share important marketing details with a clientyour supervisoror a contributor outside the calendar†¦ Now it’s easy to share the RIGHT details†¦ at the right level. 😉

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