Saturday, October 19, 2019

Reducing the Risk of Ventilator-acquired Pneumonia Research Paper

Reducing the Risk of Ventilator-acquired Pneumonia - Research Paper Example This paper stresses that  ventilated patients have different factors that increase the chances of acquiring the disease. One of the main factors is aspiration of infected oral and gastric secretion. The main method used in the study involves the measure of the current degree of bed head evaluation in the trial that was in the ICU. There was measure of the degree of bed elevation measured on a random selection of patients with the use of a protractor and a plumb line.  According to the study findings there are different factors that were considered in the research. The exclusion criteria include the previous intubation within the last 30 days, severe obese patient who were not in a position to tolerate head elevation to 45 degrees, recent abdominal surgery with vacuum dressing that needed change in the position of the patients to renew the dressing or gain a seal. The variables that were recorded in the study included pressure that was to track the use of inotropic therapy. This e nsures that patients that were nursed at 45 degrees did not need additional support. The other variables that were recorded at the end of the research included the sex of the patients, the diagnosis of the patients whether surgical or medical, the white cell count, the temperature of the patients, ventilation, antibiotics, sedation score and Chronic Health Evaluation. The results of the study were taken after 72 hours after the study endpoint was reached. The research took a total period of 3.5 months.

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