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The Controversial Issue of Religion in Schools Essay -- Religion Relig

The Controversial Issue of Religion in Schools Religion in Schools has proven to be a very controversial matter as of lately. Even though teaching about religion is allowed in public schools, there are still many questions that are being asked in order to provide a basis of what is appropriate for school, and what is inappropriate. The first amendment to the United States Constitution says that 'congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof' which implies that you have the choice of exercising your own religion, no matter what it may be. However, this poses an interesting argument within the public schools of America because we have such a diverse population with thousands of different religious groups. While many people do believe in a God and go to church religiously, many people do not do this-- and they find religion in schools to be offensive. Such things that are controversial in school include organized prayer, wearing religious garments like crosses or yarmulkes, differentiating between the acknowledgement of religious holidays and the celebration of religious holidays, and more recently, the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. In lieu of the recent events that took place on September 11, 2001, patriotism seems to have skyrocketed across the country?and that increase of patriotism seems to directly correlate with religion as well. Everywhere you look, people are waving around the flag and singing patriotic songs. The most controversial issue to date is our country?s pledge of allegiance, specifically because of two words located near the end of the oath to patriotism. Those two words are ?under God.? The pledge of allegiance originally di... ...o, Charles J. (2004) The Supreme Court and the Pledge of Allegiance: Does God Still Have a Place in American Schools? Bringham Young University Education and Law Journal, p. 301-331. 9. Sunstein, Cass R. (2004) The Smallest Court in the Land. New York Times 153(52900), pp. 9. Retrieved September 26, 2004 from MetaLib-Quicksearch: Cook Library. 10. Borja, Rhea R. (July 10, 2002) The Pledge of Allegiance in the Legal Spotlight. Edweek [Online],volume 21, issue 42, pp. 6. Retrieved on November 29, 2004 from 11. Walsh, Mark. (June 20, 2001.) Court Boosts School Access for Religious Groups. Edweek [Online], volume 20, issue 41, pp.1-36. Retrieved November 29, 2004 from

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