Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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MSA University Faculty of pharmacy Pharmaceutical Microbiology PM 203 Name: Dina Ahmed Abd El Fattah Hegab ID# 111797 Group: C Under Supervision of: Dr. Reham Wasfy â€Æ' Disinfectants Disinfectants Can be applied to any non- living objects ; as this substance can destroy the microorganisms living on its surface. The Bacterial spores is kind of resistant to the Disinfection , it doesn't necessarily kills it, thus not necessary kills all the microorganisms. Unlike the sterilization – that is extreme physical (and/or) chemical process that kills all types of life- it is less effective in results. Disinfectants are not like any other antimicrobial agent as antibiotics that kills the microorganisms living inside the bodies or the antiseptics that kills the microorganisms on a living tissue it is even not like biocides that don't just kills the micro organisms, but also kills all types of life. Disinfectants simply cause damage to the microbe cell wall or it interferes with its metabolism. More about Disinfection†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. Disinfection are by nature toxic to human beings and animals, as most of the modern Disinfection contains the substance bitrex which is considered to be the bitterest substance ever, this substance is used as a safety measure and is added to discourage the ingestion. Disinfectant Types can be divided into two main groups; which are oxidizing and non- oxidizing. 1- Oxidising disinfectants : It works by the oxidization of the microorganism's cell membrane; this leads the cell to death. In the oxidizing disinfectants both the components oxygen and chlorine exists heavily, as they are both strong oxidizers. 2- Non-oxidising disinfectants: It operates by disturbing the phospho-lipid molecules that make- up the ... ... to be kept in a temperature of 16  °C to 18 °C for 24 hours then leave it to be chilled for 1 hour before starting the test. References: 1- Holchem- leader in the speciality chemical manufacturing industry Available at : 2- Holchem- leader in the speciality chemical manufacturing industry Available at : 3- The Egypt Germany disinfectant company Available at : 4- The Egypt Germany disinfectant company Available at : 5- Wikipedia, Available at : 6- The Egypt Germany disinfectant company Available at:

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