Monday, September 23, 2019

POLICY MEMO PAPER ON DOMESTIC POVERTY Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

POLICY MEMO ON DOMESTIC POVERTY - Research Paper Example Therefore, conservatives believe that the solutions to the United States poverty level indices should emphasize more on higher marriages rates, personal responsibility, and fewer births out of wedlock. However, on the other side, liberals believe that the solutions to the poverty level indices in the United States can be addressed by focusing attention on the negative impacts of cutting government budgets for anti-poverty programs, the need for instituting early childhood development programs and addressing the negative effects of proving tax reliefs to the wealthy. According to report from the Bread for the World Institute about 12.9% of people in the United states are poor, implying that 1/8 people you come across in the United States at least one is poor. In addition, the report further states that about 12.1% are also food insecure, sometimes referred to us â€Å"at risk of hunger† Therefore, it is not a coincidence that food and poverty rates are at the same levels. Thus, this is a vivid implication that the despite the sweeping of the 1990s welfare reforms and the recent year’s economic growth in the United States, domestic poverty still remains a big challenge (Melissa and Benjamin, 2014). The concept of welfare reforms in the U.S. is not a new idea. The Federal government has been responsible for funding low-income Americans’ subsidy programs in the past years with the aim of reducing poverty to enable low-income families attain self-sufficiency through e.g. TANF program (Office of Family Assistance, 1999). For instance, some of the objectives of the TANF program are: Superficially, the objectives aforementioned seem not be advocating for the permanent stay of the low income earners in the welfare programs, but with the initiation of the welfare programs by the Federal government, the problem of poverty has worsened over the years regardless of the achievements made economically. Therefore, the involvement of

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