Friday, September 13, 2019

Annotated bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Annotated Bibliography Example Examples include â€Å"Do men and women read alike? Do feminist critics know the female author or her point of view? Does plot have anything to do with being a man or woman? Do feminist have an opinion on the relationship between political and literature points of view. One of the first books to really breakdown African American literature and literary theory, this is a must read. Examples of prominent African American writers like Henry Lois Gates Jr. are interwoven with descriptions and study guides on how to better understand African American writers. African American can write about their experiences in a way that can be understood by all cultures. The value of these opinions and views are priceless. This is a good guide for every race or gender. Censorship is a part of literature. Since most Americans live in an uncensored society, censorship is a foreign concept. This book drags the curtain back revealing another side of Apartheid. Censorship helped keep the Apartheid in place. Since the white minority censored generations of African Americans writers, the stifling of this creativity had lasting effects. Not only were these authors censored, so were all of the resistant writers. The criticism of the Apartheid government was limited to sources outside of South America. This book examines the consequences of the censorship in Apartheid South Africa. It is a must read for all individuals concerned about censorship. Many books have been written on Ancient Egypt, but little has been said about Ancient Egyptian women. Gay Robins has reexamined ancient artifacts of Egypt to tell the Egyptian woman’s perspective. This colorfully illustrated book tells of how rich, middle class, and poor women lived in Ancient Egypt. From slaves to royalty, a new look at women from Ancient Egypt brings up interesting facts and interpretations. Literature, art, and other artifacts are examined by Robins.

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