Sunday, September 1, 2019

Opinion on Internet Privacy Essay

When thinking of internet security, my expectations change depending on where I am accessing the internet from. When I am accessing the web from home I feel some sort of safety because I have lots of different protection on my home computers as well as a secured network site key that cannot be accessed by my neighbors or anyone else unless my password is given to them by me. Although I have all these things that does not mean that hackers cannot get into my computer system so I am still very careful as to which sites I enter information onto. At work, I expect them to have some of the best internet security because if ever there is a problem they will have so much more too loose than an average person. Most businesses have things such as financial records and information that should not be accessed by outsiders. With there being a lot of business and organizations that compete they should be careful to make sure their private information cannot be stolen or viewed by anyone other than the people that the information is intended for. In a public setting, I will use my computer but I do understand that when doing so some of my information may be seen or accessed by others. Because of this, I am very careful of the sites that I visit. I do not enter personal information like Credit Card numbers, social security numbers, addresses or any information that I would not want to be in the eyes or hands of a stranger or a computer hacker. In my opinion, I would say that is it not legal or ethical to use your neighbor’s internet signal without their permission. Being a person who pays for internet service, I think that it is unfair to have someone else use your internet service at their convenience and not have to pay anything at all. Also because it is still unclear what information may be able to be seen or accessed by others I would say it is also unsafe to do so.

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