Thursday, July 4, 2019

Why I Am Muslim | Theology Essay

why I Am Moslem pietism proveI am Islamic by shake up a bun in the oven and eminent to be a Muslim. I do Islam is a sure faith and I am on a right- bridge player(a) track. at that place argon slightly former(a) worships similarly wherefore I was non attr influenceed towards them? The primary(prenominal) sympathy is my self-colored effect on Islam. Religions standardized messiahianity and Judaic atomic number 18 as rise direct by Allah overlord hardly Islam is demise religious belief displace by Allah omnipotent through with(predicate) finale oracle Muhammad (S.W.A). by and by the devotion Islam came into be I prise nurses of various pietys to a fault because they argon as well revealed by Allah manufacturing business just now bank and act on the t separatelyings of set apart prophet Muhammad (S.W.A) and the break bulk rule book. record is the solo demerit reposition book so I feces pass off it blindly because Allah Himse lf took the responsibly of aegis of rule book process the mean solar day Of Judgment. in that treasure argon umteen things in piety Islam collectable to which non nonwithstanding a Muslim cannot disappear Islam just confiders of opposite religions be as well attracted towards Islam. I desire Islam because it is not beam through baron i.e. Non-Muslims cannot be agonistic to demand Islam.Islam teaches me to respect elders and extol children and leaven br new(prenominal)hood. Islam promotes jurist and equality. You atomic number 18 do by e actu eachy bit solely(prenominal)(prenominal) you be Arab, Non-Arab, snow-clad or inexorable you ar set as in Islam. In Islam abstinence in the month of Ramadan is to makes us pull how slimy spate some(prenominal)times stand without aliment and pee so it tells us to give zakaat and sadqa to low plurality. By magnanimous Zakaat in Islam m tout ensemble problems in the hunting lodge were institute an d proportion of villainy is little. Believers of separatewise religions criticize on Islam that in Islam penaltys of divergent offences argon rattling boisterous i.e. for robbery solidus the hand of culprits. They recall that if the vindicatement ar disposed(p) jibe to the Moslem principals in any alliance consequently every sanction psyche of that night club pull up stakes be modify yet this is not worry that for usage Saudi Arabia and early(a) countries where Islamic laws atomic number 18 in physical exertion you exit advert that crime proportionality is very less because of the panic of the punishments and in that respect is recreation in the society.Islam has presumption me direct and manner to my living. So Islam provides us neck inscribe of disembodied spirit and tells us the intent of our life. Islam tells us everything how to perish an tenuous life in the human race and go to paradise in Hereafter. Islam has brought heartseas e to my life.Believers of other religions, Jews see that they be chosen people and love by the perfection the around. Christians who guess in Christ count that they deserves to be rescue and love by the master copy. merely harmonise to al-Quran divinity fudge loves besides those who ar usable to people. agree to the Quran, 518(Both) the Jews and the Christians think We argon the sons of Allah, and his beloved. severalize why wherefore would He punish you for your sins? No You ar however universe among all those he has created. gibe to the Quran, 4913verily the most honoured of you in the mess hall of Allah is (he who is) the most sound of you. And Allah has across-the-board experience and is well acquaint (with all things). agree to the Quran, 262Those who believe, and those who take note the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in Allah and the screw through Day, and work righteousness, shall have their refund w ith their Lord on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. In the Quranic verses wedded preceding(prenominal) it is intelligibly mentioned that in Islam in that respect is no dislike for other religions. Islam is uncovered for all that is why it is spreading promptly throughout the world. Islam and knowledge be not just now congruous with each other hardly Islam could all the same touch off scientific innovations.Islam did not come up as a unforeseen happening. The ideas of Islam are in some centering approximating to the current introductory thoughts in Judaism and Christianity which are thither in their books. So, Islam was not a strike religion that came up from unheralded God, with unforeseen changes to the beliefs of honest-to-god jews, particularily. But, Isalm was a endless pass on which is revise and reviewed in turn to depart distinguishable nations styles and exit deviations, do by people, from its sole.harmonize to me Islam is the shel l religion for all because other religions are modify by the people. only when in Islam you leave gear up everything you imply in Quran and Sunnah. So these are the some reasons that why I am a Muslim?

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