Wednesday, July 17, 2019

My Writing Experience and Thoughts about Different Cultures Essay

First of all, I would like to smatter rough my theme experience. In China, primary students veritablely talk virtually the pictures in primary school. thither is no peculiarly difficult imprint in my memory, But when I was in highschool school, I open up a primary school second tramp examination paper and I found cla habits particularly puff up written. I am surprised, I get off so true(p)ly at authorship, yet as well as particularly well written.After, grade level increases, When I was in 5 Grade, the t apieceer asked me to carry on a diary e precise day, but if my mind is empty and I do non know what to release. So I just wrote the diary about what happened each day. I was afraid of my teacher verbalize that I croupt preserve rattling well.Later, when I was in younger high school, I still put ont know how to write and what should I write. I remember an unforgettable experience, it is a composition lessons. At that time, my Chinese speech teacher ask me to write about the composition of spring as homework, I remembered that I have a record seems to be an article which was written about the spring in my drawer. Thats my cousin-germans textbook when he was in high school, I usually discover it if I have a lay off time. Thus I opened the catalogue and found this article, then I option some(prenominal) well written sentences to carry out the composition. When I watch the article I accomplished, I wondered how beautiful sentences which I copied appoint the first paragraph, and it is also especially right(a) at the last. I was so frightened, be bear I know that if I hand it to my teacher. non only the teacher didnt trust I wrote, so far I seizet believe it. I should decl are I was lucky. She was not aware of this problem, but I felt so guilty. Later, I found that the author which I copiedthe original article from is a real famous writer in early China. I ring my doings is disrespectful to him. Since then, I had no inter est in plagiarization and I began to write article all by myself. I no seven-day have a copy of the composition, instead of gibeing their thoughts. Since that time, I concluded a truth, although the plagiarization is a bad behavior, it is also in the process of facial expression for straightforward ideas. After that I read a lot of books and learned to analysis and appreciation. It set(p) the foundation for my future physical composition, this is a with child(p) harvest to me.In the United States, plagiarism is a very serious behavior of cheating, but this is very different to China, In China, language teachers always promote students to learn from those who write a good article, even require students to paraphrase those articles and then students tail end modify this article into their experience article. This is a necessary process in China, a lot of good articles learned in class, the teacher will ask students to recite these articles . For me, committal to writing in s ide is very different from writing in Chinese, although as a Chinese student I started to learn face when I was very young, and did a lot of English writing since primary school, but English is not my original language. Besides, the English wring form in China is very limited. specifically in the model of thinking, Chinese and English are in widely vary. many times, the sequence of grammar between Chinese and English is the on the opposite, so when we write in English, many sentences are called Chinglish. It is probably that possibly many Chinese flock can understand the importation but the Americans do not necessarily know the meaning of it. So, English Writing is such a challenge for me, here is the U.S., I wrote the article is not for the Chinese people, it is written for people here to read, I must(prenominal) think the ways in Americanto permit people here know what I say.So the most important subject I have to do is that I must adapt to American bearing , and learn th e way of thinking in American so quickly, then use the thinking of U.S. to writing. Only in this way, I can adapt to life rectify and complete my studies here . I chose the study of Business Management, so there may be a lot of writing about Business Management in my further study. So I must learn the writing skills and method well in this writing lesson,and then do a better writing in further courses of study.The differences of cultural may cause differences in students ability, which is reflected in the students between United States and China very clearly. In China all of the fellowship are imparted to students by teachers, Chinese students only need to remember the knowledge that their teacher told them. If you remember it exhaustiveyou can get a good grades in this course. In the United States , the teachers always train students to center on the ability which they interested in, disregardless of the students ideas are correct or not, as long as he has his individualized reasons, it will be a good answer. In my opinion, Chinese students have a strong ability to remember so many things though, but they serious escape the ability to think things independently and they drop the imagination. In the classthey are not good at expressing their ideas, because they always looking for the right answer, which could be widely acknowledge .There are also some differences in writing. In China, junior high school students have a same writing dash, The teacher teach them to write with same skills and the contents of the article are almost same at all. Although I do not know the style of American students writing, but in my guess, their writing must have their own ideas. In my opinion, whether writing in Chinese or English , we must have our own ideas, Only in this way, articles will be more valuable.

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