Thursday, July 25, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 16

Leadership - Essay Example More over, a successful leader and consequent leadership are attributed to sound judgement. The aspect of judgement is fundamental since it depicts the strength and weaknesses of a leader and leadership. Essentially, judgement is effortlessly used to determine and gauge the leaders (Huges, et al, 26). Wise and well-informed leaders are known by the extent of wisdom applied in making judgements. This study attributes that, effective leaders can be born, and other can be natured as long as they reflect and practice the fundamental of leadership. For instance, the â€Å"Action-Observation –Reflection† (AOR) model explains that acquired leadership is attributable to three aspects, which include action, observation and reflection. A leader expresses the actions extended towards certain situation, the observation made and interpretation of the impacts on other people, and personal reflection on the situation (Huges, et al, 26). Personal reflection or evaluation includes lesions learnt, personal view on doing something in a better way and feeling about the situation at hand and the overall application of experience in implementing a new idea. In summary effective leadership is rooted on the listed pillars. Effective leadership has attracted numerous researchers who have researched on diverse methodologies and have come up with diverse opinions. These opinions might be either acceptable or unacceptable meaning of an effective leader and consequent leadership. Fundamentally, numerous subjects or topics of study or research do not have one dimension of thinking. This is similar to leadership. It is relatively easy to reconcile the diverse opinion on the effective leadership than resolve the disparities. In essence, lack of congruence of among leadership researchers is irresolvable but reconcilable (Huges, et al, 76). The diverse perceptions and opinions on effective leadership can be reconciled by examining the common character traits an effective leader either

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