Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ip3 training and development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ip3 training and development - Research Paper Example Here we can see the four level of evaluation which is reaction, learning, behaviour and results let us look at it one by one. Reaction – At this level, the trainee’s reaction to the training given is analysed. Reaction is important as it gives an insight on how the training was received by the audience. For example, the trainees look content and asking questions means they are receiving information in a better way. As per (GSA, 2014) â€Å"Although participant reactions to training are clearly not the sole indicator of its effectiveness, it is possible that their reactions represent one variable that is part of the larger homological network of variables that influence training effectiveness†. Learning – Here the measure of knowledge gained by the trainee is assessed. How much their knowledge increased can be done with the help of learning objective prepared in advance. For example it can be assessed with the help of questionnaire and role play. As per (Solar, 2013) â€Å"The third level of evaluation answers the question – are they applying what they learned†. Behaviour - Here the change in the behaviour of the trainee due to the training is looked in to. For example, the job of the employees can be observed after the training session as a follow – up measure. Government of South Australia (2014). Good for your business. In http://www.skills.sa.gov.au. Retrieved June 26, 2014, from

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