Saturday, July 20, 2019

Seeking Harmony as a World Citizen Essay -- Personal Narrative Essay E

Seeking Harmony as a World Citizen "Excuse me, do you speak German?" - outside of that church's organ recital in Bonn, Germany, the distinct Japanese accent caught me by surprise. My weeks of study and internship gave me new confidence, so I answered, "Yes, yes I do." The Japanese woman's companion, seeing my nod, immediately began to overflow with German praises. I looked at her, elderly, in a wheelchair, and she told me the story: that music-loving Japanese woman pushed that music-loving German woman out of the church, medieval in design and thus not disabled-friendly. "What generosity," I translated in my native tongue, the only go-between these women had. "A million thanks for your help, I couldn't have made it out without you." The Japanese woman nodded, understanding, but her only reply was, "Does she need me to take her somewhere else?" "No, no, and thank you - God bless," I translated. The German woman smiled, grabbed her hand, kissed it. She grabbed my hand, kissed it too, and wheeled away over the cobblestones. Awestruck, I smiled to the Japanese w...

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