Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The subterranean museum Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The subterranean museum - Assignment ExampleI personally notice this ridiculous. While many people were targeted by the Holocaust, Jews were by far the most targeted. When Hitler enacted the final solution, it was not the final solution to deal with the problem of mentally disable people, nor was it the final solution to deal with gays and lesbians. It was the final solution to end the existence of the Jewish people, and the industrial slaughter machine was targeted solely at Jews. Of course everyone necessarily to be remembered in some way, but I likewise think its perfectly fair that there is a memorial specifically for Jews, and I think it should be the biggest and most important one.There was also a great deal of controversy over the inclusion of a subterranean museum, or Ort. The original designer did not like to include a subterranean museum, but one was built alongside the memorial anyway. I dont think that it really mattered whether or not the museum was included with the project. Surely a museum about the Holocaust needed to be included somewhere, and most people tour one site would probably visit the other. It does perhaps take away some of the solemnity of the memorial itself, by turning it into numbers and digits, however.There was also a great deal of conversation about whether it was appropriate for America to have a Holocaust memorial, when the Holocaust was perpetrated in Europe. I think that this is a waste of taxpayers money, and there are better ways to remember Americas role in

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