Saturday, June 22, 2019

Religion in SouthWest Archaeology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Religion in SouthWest Archaeology - Essay Examplevides portentous reading relating to American Indian societies in the Southwest and their occupation as well as their ways of life before the colonial period. These societies comprised of significant diversities with changing adaptations with archeologists ensuring piecing together field as well as laboratory information in enhancing explanation of American Indian oral histories.The earliest inhabitants of the American Southwest while also touching on the current Mexican conjugation are referred to as American Indians or Paleo-Indians that represents a combination of various Indian cultures. With little knowledge relating to their way o life known, archeological records fox enhanced inn providing information relating to their way of life while also drawing the differences resulting from various communities (Mark and Livingood 193). in understanding the earlier way of life of the Paleo-Indians, archeological studies have realized th at these communities made simple tools, with the help of flint knapping or stone chipping while also making other crude tools that include pointed elements derived from animal bones. Other tools discovered resulted from wood as well as horns with little artifacts evidencing these tools. Tools developments are equally evidenced with the use of spears among the Paleo-Indians that played a significant role to ensure changing of the way of life among these natives. The discovery of the spears ensured changing of practice from primary forages to some primary but big hunters with their major antecede being mammoths, horses and camels among others. The most possible practice of the hunters would mostly focus on waylaying the animals and use the spear to prick and drive the spear on the animals flesh until the animal fell. The spear points as well as other found artifacts, extinct huge game associations as well as position distribution among other evidence, archeologists has as a result p ostulated that the ancient Southwest natives wandered, but

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