Friday, June 14, 2019

Speech. Limit Sex in Advertising to the public Essay

Speech. Limit Sex in Advertising to the public - Essay ExampleNonetheless, the companies found themselves on constant competition with visual promotions in both television and print media. One thing that differentiated one company advert from the other was the awake appeal employed. Reichert and Lambiase (2002, p. 25) defines wake up appeal advertising as the form of advertising that draws customers attention through the determination of sexual appeals that have been use as a form of communication technique. It almost goes without saying that contemporary customers are acquainted to more sex in advertising than ever before. This arguing of escalating use of sexual oriented topics and ideas is evident upon inspection of the broadcast and print media. In essence, marketers employ the use of romantic themes, nudity, or implicative ideas or topics to espouse the attention of its consumers.Though the use of sex in advertising has numerous advantages, limited research has been directe d towards its implications on the society. In reference to Reichert and Lambiase (2002, p. 35), the use of sex appeal advertising has numerous significant public policy, social, and managerial implications. These propositions pivot the preferred depiction of women in the modern society, the circumstance under which marketers and advertisers should not use sexual themes in communicating with its consumers. For this reason, those impacted most by the sex appealing adverts are the women, both young and old, and not the targeted consumers.To the young women with developing and growing ideologies and bodies, sex appealing advertisements portraying women in a sexual explicit manner, whether fully clothed or nude, an imperative wrong is being executed. For the young and shapeable women, Jacobson and Mazur (1995, p. 79) notes that their information of what they should wear, how they should look and how they should act is influenced, all with the assumption that

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