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Organization Design in FMC Green River Essay -- Business Management Es

Organization Design in FMC Green River Organization design is a formal, maneuver border for integrating the people, information and technology of an organization. It is used to match the form of the organization as closely as possible to the purpose of the organization. This design process seeks to improve and facilitate the efforts of members within the organization. With respect to FMC Corporations Green River, Wyoming facility, under the guidance of this entitys site manager, Kenneth Dailey, the design should be approached as an midland changes within the organization with the entitys members working together to define the needs of the organization then create systems to meet those needs most effectively. FMC Green River (the society), in Wyoming, mines and manufactures sodium carbonate sparkling water ash, maintaining the largest sodium tripolyphosphate plant in the world, relying on the coal and natural gas abundant in the Wyoming/Utah/Idaho basin. The connection is part of the Alkali Chemicals Division of FMC that supplies sodium-based chemicals to the detergent industry, the glass industry and large commercial chemical plants. The large underground mine of the Green River facility has cd employees and produces about 5 million stacks of trona ore a year. Green Rivers first plant was built between 1948 and 1953, producing approximately 1.3 million tons of versatile grades of soda ash a year. The second refining plant was completed in 1970, producing approximately 1.5 million tons of a single grade of soda ash a year. Currently, Dailey was in the process of supervising the construction of three new smaller plants, one each for 60,000 tons annually of sodium bicarbonate, 30,000 tons of sodium cyanide used in refining precious metals, and 60,000 tons of caustic sodium hydroxide. Upon discussions held with employees who observed the modifications made at the Aberdeen plant of South Dakota, which deals in the exertion of a single product related to t he defense industry, whose single customer was the US Navy, Dailey is ready to identify key areas of improvement for implementation within his Green River facility based on these procedures and methods placed in Aberdeen facility, as applicable.As indicated in the background of the company above, FMC Green River is in the business of the production of specific chemicals, competing against Texas Gulf, Ge... ...ilitation of the feeling of family, through the notion that worry truly cares. This can be reinforced through the same notions provided by Aberdeen of creating a variety of amicable events that help build the family culture such as plant sponsored events of sports teams, fun sport tournaments and annual social functions and or plant/team parties.Organizational morals can be achieved by instilling trust within the organization and its employees. Aberdeen did this well, by allowing employees to make their own decisions and judgments on the job that they felt would benefit the organization. As noted within Clawsons, Custom Business Resources, morale at Aberdeen was consistently high. People commented on how much they appreciated being trusted by management, having managements help in times of need, having management who listened to their concerns and having control over their work environment, pace and structure. This form of environment may also benefit Daileys Green River facilities, as employees who feel important and always feel that management will support them will willingly work better and be much productive because they will truly feel like they work as a family.

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