Thursday, June 13, 2019

Gun Control Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gun Control - Research Paper ExampleIn the States, it is estimated that guns claim eighty-four (84) lives and wound round two hundred (200) people every day (Gun Violence 1). In a year, more than thirty thousand individuals (30,000) die, (three thousand of which are children and teens) and everywhere seventy thousand (70,000) are injured due to gun violence (Gun Violence 1). Based on this finding, guns are mostly used to scat homicide. Others used the gun to perform robbery and other petty crimes. This incident is very alarming considering that America is a high-income and industrialized country (Fontana and Keene 6). It is even considered by other states as a hegemonic and strong state. This description connotes that US has a strong mechanism with regard to its security. It is usually expected that a financially enduring country could responsibly address social problems such as gun violence and crimes. Nevertheless, this is not happening in the United States today. It has been found out that Americas firearms death rate is nearly eight times higher compared to the gun-related death rate of other high-income countries in the world (Gun Violence 1). This fact implies that the American government has not been effective in deterring the proliferation of guns within its society.

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