Sunday, August 18, 2019

The American Within :: essays research papers

The American Within! Many people believe that if you were born in a certain country you will be forever labeled as a citizen of that country for the rest of your natural born life. We as humans should be able to express ourselves freely without the risk of being harmed. Americans are not necessarily born they are created at heart. Unlike many other countries, America has established a separation between church and state to give everyone the choice of what they want to do with their life. I believe an American should take advantage of what the country has to offer, benefit the country in a way you see fit, and also follow the guidelines that has been set forth by our founding fathers. America is known for their unlimited opportunities, and these opportunities were meant to be taken advantage of by the American citizens. Citizens are given many freedoms other third world countries do not even consider releasing to the public. In most cases, countries outside the United States have governments that take action on those who choose to speak freely or participate in a different religion. Freedoms such as freedom of religion, free speech, the right to assemble, etc. are all characteristics of an average American. If someone doesn't have the right to perform any of those just listed then they are obviously not an American. All of these freedoms and rights are not only allowed, but they are strongly encouraged. It is what this country fought so long and hard for. Normally, people who were not born in America come here for the labor. People of America are raised to get an education and a job, and to find some way to benefit the country. That's how America is economically and financially supported. Taxes are what keeps our country on its' feet. You are morally and legally obligated to pay these fees issued to you by the government. If you don't pay your taxes you're not supporting the country that gave you liberty and justice, and by not paying taxes your just committing a selfish act. We would not be here today if everyone in America did whatever benefited themselves. Everyone in this country puts together what they can to improve their country, we are united! Hence the name United States. Like any other country, the government is what keeps everything in place. The government is not there to make your life miserable, at least not in America.

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