Friday, August 23, 2019

Career in retail Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Career in retail - Essay Example 3. This position matches with the necessary skills that I have learnt as part of my education and would provide me with an ideal opportunity to put the skills to good use. Further, the job would be a good fit for me given my personality traits and other characteristics that would match the skill set requirements of the job. All in all, the job would be an ideal starting point for me and for my career into the Canadian retail industry. 4. The pros of the job are that I would be utilizing my educational background and put to use the skills that I have learnt. The job would entail training in the areas of business and management along with finance and contracting. This would enable me to pursue the related skill sets and gain valuable insights into these fields. The biggest advantage of this job is that I would be given responsibility over an entire Franchise and hence this would be an ideal start to my career in the Canadian Retail industry. 5. The cons of the job are that since the position entails responsibilities beyond the normal ones that are part of a job in the retail industry, I would have to ensure that I scale up my performance level and work longer and harder. Though I would not necessarily see this as a negative, the fact remains that this would certainly add to the burden and I have to put in that much more work to measure up to the specifications. 6. I believe that the salary being offered is reasonable considering my qualifications and the demands of the job. There is nothing in the compensation package to suggest that the salary being offered is below my expectations or is somehow not consistent with the job description. Further, I am enthused by the fact that the package involves perquisites that make up for any deficiencies in the monetary compensation. 7. This job posting is

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