Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Macroeconomics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 14

Macroeconomics - Essay Example Statistics have proven that good things are happening in the economic world in various regions. There are strong sales of recreational vehicles made from northern Indiana. The company has recovered and it is being referred to as the ‘white-hot center of the economy’. The CEO of Jayco projects that the industry will tie unit sales records in 2015 and break them in 2016. He argues that this will be due to the rising U.S employment rate and the continued low interest rates. The U.S as a whole is also emerging as the country that will power world growth in 2015. This is because companies such as Google creating more jobs to thousands while in Silicon Valley, Apple is selling tons of iPhones globally (Coy, 2014). The projected turnabout of the American economy is welcomed as a recovery from the financial crisis that was experienced in 2008-09. Major economies in the world such as Japan dubbed the financial crisis â€Å"Lehman shokku† as there was no growth in the global economy. The latest outlook by the International Monetary Fund called the global growth as â€Å"mediocre†. An economist by the name Blanchard views the stagnation of advanced economies remains a concern at this time. Also, emerging markets seem to not grow as fast as they used to without inflation (Coy, 2014). The IMF has projected the losers in 2015 are likely to be Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil. As to the Russian and the Western Europe economies they will be weak. The North America will be pretty solid. Growth is projected to be in South and East Asia as well as in most African countries. It is evident that the global economy is taking longer than expected to recover from the much debt during the last decade. Three year ago IMF had projected that the world economy would recover by 2015 at a 4.8 percent growth rate but to the contrary the expectations has been met only by the U.S. Analyst have argue that the disparity in growth rates among the

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