Sunday, November 3, 2019

Research article and then write as essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research article and then write as - Essay Example 60). The child sexual abuse can be easily understood as a sexual offense against a child in which, the child is coerced to have some sexual contact with an adult. The child who undergoes sexual abuse goes through many disturbing and depressing phases that affect his or her personality negatively. The sufferers of sexual abuse can commit suicide or can continue to live with shame and guilt. Different people have different feelings and understanding of the happening. The symptoms of child sexual abuse as displayed by the victims are appearance of depressiveness, suicidal ideation, troubled sleep patterns, troubled eating behaviors, frustration with physical appearance, feeling of dirty outlook, pelvic aching, gastrointestinal issues, traumatized appearance of the individual, amnesia, trouble in creating interpersonal relationships, fear of intimacy, and so on (Hall & Hall, 2011). Mrazek & Kempe (2014) describe about symptoms of child sexual abuse that can be ‘bruises and abrasions’, ‘sleep disturbance’, ‘excessive masturbation’, ‘phobic states’, ‘depression’, ‘running away from home’, ‘homicidal rage’ towards the victimizer, and many other issues regarding development and social settlement (p. 14). The symptoms involved in child sexual abuse are really disturbing and depressing for the individual and his or her family. Overall, it can be said that child se xual assault and abuse is an offense that disturbs the life and development of a child and also affects his or her family negatively. The victims of sexual abuse undergo psychological, physical, social and developmental problems in their lives. The child who is sexually abused suffers through a number of issues, but the case of every victim is different. The victims may experience the feelings of shame, guilt or self-blaming. This self-blaming and guilt may lead to suicidal feelings and ideas

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