Thursday, November 21, 2019

Contemporary hospitality industry Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Contemporary hospitality industry - Assignment Example ng to the British Hospitality Association, (BHA) the hotel and tourism sector comprises of an approximate of 127,000 businesses and employment for about 1.6 million people. This is anticipated to rise in the future as more investors come into the industry. Approximately, the industry contributes about 19% of the total national income. This kind of labour is either directly or indirectly related to hospitality and tourism (Reid et al, 2010). There are distinguishing differences between a 4* hotel and a Bed and Breakfast. Different travellers settle on where to stay based on specific needs. Bed and Breakfasts are usually run by a family providing a friendly and caring environment. It is appropriate for people who want to have the home away from home experience. A 4* hotel is mostly a member of a conglomerate which is larger and consists of other hotels. The inns are privately owned mostly private homes that have been renovated for commercial use. The Bed and Breakfast food is provided by the owners and usually gourmet which is informal and quality food. The food could be eggs, meat or what is available in the house. A four star hotel offers a continental breakfast which is a variety of fruits, cereal, yogurt, and batter for those who wish to make waffles. The food is prepared by professional chefs. A four star hotel is offers a more complex style of living with uniform rooms and decor whereas Bed and Breakfasts are more like homes rented out to guests with an open kitchen and variations in rooms. A four star hotel has a large staff employed to perform several duties such as cleaning, checking in guests and other services while a Bed and Breakfast is equipped with lesser staff who treat guests as members of the house. The main distinguishing factor between a tall and flat organisational structure is the levels of management. In a flat organisational structure, there is usually just one level of authority. This could be the CEO whom everybody reports to. In a

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