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Character research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Character - Research Paper Example His Serious Moral Lapse in the Past When Krogstad was having an interview with Helmer, Doctor Rank expressed a most unfavorable opinion about the man to Nora and Mrs. Christine Linde to whom Doctor Rank has just been introduced. Doctor Rank had said that Krogstad was a case of â€Å"moral affliction† and that the man was â€Å"rotten to the core†. The Doctor said so because Krogstad had at one time been guilty of a serious moral lapse. In that context Mrs. Christine Lind also told Nora that Krogstad had at one time been a solicitor’s clerk in her native town and that he was most probably a widower now. Nora had confirmed that he was a widower with a large number of children. Krogstad’s Past Friendship with Helmer and his Past Love Affair with Christine Krogstad had been a boyhood friend of Helmer’s. When, therefore, Helmer is appointed the manager of the bank where Krogstad is working, Krogstad speaks to him in a familiar manner. Krogstad had though t that Helmer would show due regard for their past friendship. However, he feels disappointed when he finds Helmer to be quiet indifferent to him. Also, Krogstad and Christine were lovers in the past and expected to get married. However, Christine had been compelled by circumstances to marry somebody else. Krogstad had than been bitterly disappointed and disturbed. The two meet later on when Krogstad is a widower and Mrs. Lind a widow. A Letter Dropped by him into Helmer’s Letter-Box When Krogstad, contrary to his hope receives from Helmer the order of dismissal, from his post in the bank, he feels furious and meets Nora to make her intervene on his behalf with Helmer. He then tells her that he had been leading an upright life in order to make amends for his moral lapse in the past and his efforts to rebuild a good image of himself would receive a setback if her husband was to persist in his order of dismissal. He had therefore written a letter to Helmer informing him of Nora ’s guilt of forging her father’s signatures, and telling him to withdraw his order of dismissal or face a public exposure of her wife’s guilt. Krogstad then drops that letter into Helmer’s letter-box. Ready to Accept Mrs. Linde’s Offer of Marriage When Mrs. Linde goes to meet Krogstad in order to persuade him to withdraw his incriminating letter which still lies in Helmer’s letter-box, the talk between them naturally turns to their past love affair. Mrs. Linde explains why she married a rich man and gave up Krogstad. Mrs. Lind then proposes marriage to him. Her offer to marry Krogstad turns out to be a windfall for him, an unexpected piece of good fortune, and he is overjoyed. However, he makes it a point to certify that Mrs. Linde genuinely want to marry him, irrespective of being aware of his questionable past, not merely to save her friend. His Repentance and his Second Letter When Mrs. Linde has assured him that she wishes to marry him f or his sake, and even more for her sake, he offers to withdraw his letter containing his threat to Helmer to make a public disclosure of his wife’s criminal act of forgery. Thus there is a change of heart in Krogstad as soon as a piece of good fortune befalls him. Subsequently under the influence of the generous impulses which have risen in his heart on account of Mrs.

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