Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Planning free essay sample

For the strategic planning aspect of Sandwich Blitz, Inc. , Dalman and Lei should start by clarifying the company’s overall plan. Dalman and Lei should be sure their unit managers and staff employees are all on the same page. Dalman and Lei need to start devising a plan to effectively implement the company’s vision and core values. They also need to plan how a timeline for these changes to be put into place. For tactical planning, Dalman and Lei should devise a plan to improve the company’s sales, efficiency, and ways to generate more business, for example, Dalman and Lei could come up with a faster way to make their sandwiches, start offering catering services and/or delivery services. Dalman and Lei can also implement new ways to market or advertise their sandwich shops. They currently serve an upscale area with breakfast and lunch menus. Dalman and Lei could incorporate a dinner menu, by doing this they could work their way up to expanding their company and opening more sandwich shops. We will write a custom essay sample on Planning or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Operational planning for Dalman and Lei could involve giving their managers at each location the discretion to be able to handle all managerial tasks and operations without having to contact Dalman or Lei. Each unit manager should be given the ability to make the weekly employee schedule, handle the monthly budget set forth by the corporate office, order supplies their store needs, hiring and firing capabilities. By giving each unit manager the ability to conduct all of these responsibilities, and most likely more that have not been listed here, it will take pressure off of Dalman and Lei so they can put more of their focus on improving operations and expanding the business.

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